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Integrated Dynamic Learning

Developmental Psychoeducational Levels

teacher pointing at pyramid drawing

Level 5: Is an individual who differentiates between his abstract perceptions and that of others. He is reflective and knows how his behavior can impact the present moment and the future. He earns other people’s trust through consistent caring and good deeds. If someone violates his earned trust, he understands that it is the individual who broke the trust and not him. When he feels threatened, he will seek familiar relationships and/or environment for guidance. He displays compassion towards his community and judges others based on their affiliation or title.

Level 6: Is an individual who has made the quantum leap. She views the world as non-descriptive and knows that every nano-second movement is linked to all animate, inanimate and human beings’ vibrations. She is conscious that her thoughts, speech and action must be balance and calm. She is sensitive to the fact that her mind sends a vibrational energy to all beings throughout the universe. Because she knows that everything and everyone shares common seeds, she no longer grasps or concern of the outcome or future. She radiates acceptance and nonjudgment.

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