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There is so much violence and conflict in the world, it appears that we cannot convey our ideas and listen to each other mindfully. We tend to raise our voices, point our fingers, degrade, and use pejorative words towards others. We blame others for not listening or being stupid for not understanding. If yelling at each other does not work, we then use our fists and our weapons. Our families, friends, communities, enemies, and our world are suffering.

In order to have global peace, we need to stop, step back, and pull up the roots of hatred. We need to take responsibility for our views, check our perceptions for authenticity, and be willing to change in order to diminish the suffering within ourselves and others. We can do this by gaining a better appreciation of how our minds are affected by our interactions and environment.

One way we can transform a stick used for violence into a walking stick of understanding is by learning how to communicate with others based on their perception, and not based on what we feel they should know already.

We have the capacity to change.

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to arrive at Gate Six, where we have clarity of our ancient purpose. Attachments are released. Ill-being is melted into Well-being. The elements and vibrations of all the previous Gates are present within Gate Six. We are one with the universal pulse, the universal intelligence -- free from mindless chatter and clutter. Nothing externally or internally startles us. Even a bird can poop on our heads without judgment.

Download the Progressive Mindfulness Protocol Gates and Glossary (pdf).

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