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Integrated Dynamic Learning

Developmental Psychoeducational Levels

pre abstract learner

Level 3: Is an individual who can state two to three facts with assistance from his teachers. He partially links a concrete concept with an appropriate concrete outcome. When he feels his trust has been violated, the student will either cling or withdrawal from his teachers. When threatened, he will search for a teacher for help. His compassion is self-oriented, i.e. “what can he gain from being nice”. He judges others as either being “all good” or “all bad” at any given moment.

Level 4: Is an individual who differentiates between her concrete perceptions and that of others. When she is confronted with concrete facts regarding her behavior, she does accept responsibility. She will blindly trust her peers and often becomes confused when her friends turn against her. When she feels threatened or isolated from her friends or family, she will grab an amulet for protection. She displays compassion towards her affiliated groups but will judge harshly those who break club’s decree.

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