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Gate Four

people in doorway

Stepping through Gate Four, we move from deductive to inductive reasoning. We break down our earlier solid, established thoughts, into more complex, expansive subgroups. We take apart old concepts, accept new ideas from our peers and transform them into acceptable meaningful wholes. We write mottos and sing songs that support our memberships. Our connections are gradations of hues, textures, sounds, sizes, and smells. We are tolerant of disconnected information up to ten minutes. Then, we are driven to tie them into meaningful bundles.

We have a powerful yearning to belong to peer, social and spiritual groups. Moving from our family values, we find ourselves grasping for the fixed, orderly, sequential laws of peers and clubs, which are often in conflict with our familial and spiritual elders’ teachings. We feel ourselves in a polarity with affiliations. Their laws are rigid, inflexible and unquestionable. The leaders of the affiliations are intolerant of any deviant behavior. This tension redefines our judgments and beliefs. From the fear of abandonment, we acquiesce.

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