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Gate Five

person in archway

Tolerating differences within affiliations and belonging to various groups of like-mindedness, we step through Gate Five. Taking into consideration past and present information and experiences, we hypothesize, analyze and synthesize. Due to our expanded mind, we reshape our concrete ideas into abstract reasoning. Taking multiple resources and comprehending similarities and differences within them, we create new ideas, inventions and actions. We allow the law of chaos and error. We are comfortable with unique metaphors and accept ambiguity without judgment.

We listen to the customs and mores of other cultures and find the common seeds of acceptance. We bring to the table our independent ideas, and with deeper concentration, we collaborate with others to build new concepts. Becoming part of global awareness, we reshape national laws for the betterment of mankind. We join hands and circle the globe with a new song of world peace. Swaying back and forth, we experience the vibrational force of the universe.

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