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Integrated Dynamic Learning

The Integrated Dynamic Learning™ provides teachers with a compassionate understanding of each studentís cognitive, social-emotional and moral levels. Each domain has six psychoeducational developmental levels from birth to adulthood. The purpose of the IDL™ is to help teachers view their students through the eyes of the developmental psychoeducational model and to provide tools for teaching those students who function at nonverbal and preconcrete levels. With the assistance of the IDL™, teachers not only can bring the students who functions at a nonverbal level to a preconcrete level, but also to a concrete, pre-abstract and abstract levels. In addition, the IDL™ assists a teacher to teach social and moral values within the context of a school milieu and community environment; both areas are necessary for a studentís development.

The IDL™ has three educational domains: Cognitive Perception, Social-relatedness and Mindfulness. There are sixteen observable Cognitive Perception styles, seventeen observable items of Social-relatedness, and eleven items of Mindfulness. Based on an IDLCheck-list, a teacher can begin to instruct her/his classroom based on six developmental psychoeducational levels.

Download the Integrated Dynamic Learning document plus appendices and glossary (pdf).

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